A Guide to our Courses

We provide a well-established and highly regarded programme of courses to help with your preparation for the RACP exams in Adult Medicine. 

Our courses are co-ordinated by our Director of Medical Education, who is a practicing Consultant Physician with considerable experience in physician training and holds a Masters Degree in Health Professional Education. He has conducted research into physician trainee learning for his Masters thesis and, as such, our courses are designed around sound educational principles aimed at ensuring you maximize learning and are successful in the exams. 

Our speakers are highly regarded teachers and specialists in their respective fields, with many years’ experience teaching at our courses. They are drawn from hospitals across Melbourne and interstate to ensure that our courses have the best possible speakers available. 

The courses in our programme are held at appropriate stages in your exam preparation to maximise your learning and chances of success. The courses are: 

Written Exam Preparation Course

This is the main intensive two-week study course. It is runs both online and in-person.

We aim to make the online course available from early September each year. It is designed to be undertaken over a two-week period; so if  you have study leave, it can be done during that time. Alternatively, you may do the course 'in parts' at any time convenient to you. The online course remains available until after the February Exam. It is a specially designed online course consisting of video lectures, MCQs, Q&A and a Trial Exam. It is not simply a live stream of an in person course; as we are and specialist partners, do not believe this to be the most reliable or effective way to deliver online learning.

Our in-person course is held at the University of Melbourne, over a two-week period starting in late November. The content covered is the same as for the online course. Access to the online course is also provided to those who attend the in-person course.  Access is available at the conclusion of the in-person course, to enable continued revision, until the February exam.

This course has been continually refined over more than 20 years to integrate important examinable areas with a focus on evidence-based medicine, current hot-topics and generally poorly understood topics. 

MCQ Course

Our MCQ course is a two-day  programme that provides an opportunity, at the end of your revision for the written exam, to test your knowledge by trying new MCQs written specifically for this course each year. This serves to identify any potential gaps in your knowledge and therefore indicates the areas that you should concentrate final revision on prior to the exam. It also provides a trial exam, our analysis of which allows you to compare your performance against the other exam candidates who sit this trial exam. 

It is a popular and well-tested final preparation for the written exam. This course has proved very popular in an online format, allowing many more trainees to attend and will continue to run online in January each year.

Revision for October Exam Candidates

For those sitting the October exam who wish to revise early in the year, we make the previous years online Written Exam Prep Course content available from 1st March - 1st September.  The content of the previous MCQ Course is also made available as an optional extra from 1st September to mid October.

Alternatively October exam candidates can undertake the current years online written exam prep course from early September.

Since 2000, this programme of courses has assisted thousands of trainees in their successful preparation for the exam. For course dates and further details, please see the courses section.

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