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2024 Written Exam Prep Courses for October 2024 and February 2025 exam candidates

Online - Written Exam Prep Course 2024

The 2024 online written exam prep course can be undertaken intensively over any two-week period. We highly recommend that you have study leave to undertake the course; however, if this is not possible then you can undertake the course in parts, over a more extended period. All the course content will be available from 2nd September 2024

Note: Whether you have study leave for 7th -18th October or 25th November - 6th December you can do the online course during both those periods. 

Please see the 'Courses' section for full details and registration.

In-Person - Written Exam Prep Course 2024

If you wish to attend an in-person course, we will be holding our in-person course from 25th November - 6th December 2024, at the University of Melbourne

Please see the 'Courses' section for full details and registrations.

Online - October 2024 Exam Candidates

Our current online 2023 Written Exam Prep Course will be made available to candidates wanting to revise for the the October 2024 exam. We will make it available from 1st March - 1st September 2024 to enable candidates to start revision earlier in the year, for the October 2024 exam. Alternatively, October 2024 exam candidates can undertake the 2024 online Written Exam Prep Course from 2nd September 2024.

Registrations for this course are now closed.

Online - MCQ Course 2025

This two-day course will be available online in January 2025, as a final preparation for the 2025 February exam. 

Further details can be found in the 'Courses' section. Registrations will open in October. If you wish to be notified when registration open please contact us.

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